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Foshan Nuopei
Import and Export Co., Ltd

Foshan Nuopei Import and Export Co., Ltd is a well-known professional supplier in the field of commercial vehicle. Customer first is our company’s core value since 2004. Offering one-stop consulting and purchasing station of the most professional & best service is our target.There are two main business of our company: importing parts for local market, exporting parts for international market.


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We have a matured professional technician team that good at European brand trucks of SCANIA, VOLVO, BENZ, DAF, MAN, IVECO, RENAULT and so on.

  • Service


    We focus on developing high -quality products for top-end markets. Our Products are in line with international standards and are mainly exported to EUROPE, AMERICA, THE MIDDLE EAST, AND OTHER DESTINATIONS AROUND THE WORLD
  • Advantage


    We have our own testing lab and the most advanced and complete inspecion equipment, which can ensure quality
  • Technology


    We persist in qualities of products and control strictly the producing processes, committed to the manufacture of all types.


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    What is hand brake valve

    1.What is hand brake valve The hand control valve is the key device of parking, parking brake and exhaust brake in the process of vehicle service brake. The parking brake of the vehicle is completely released and the vehicle is in running state; When the handle is in the locking position, the tra.../p>

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    Solenoid valve

    1.Whats is solenoid valve Solenoid valve is an automatic basic element used to control fluid and belongs to actuator; Not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. The solenoid valve is used to control the direction of hydraulic flow. The mechanical devices in the factory are generally controlled by hy.../p>

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    What is shock Absorber

    vertical direction during driving, and the elastic elements in the suspension system will vibrate accordingly when impacted. Therefore, it is necessary to install shock absorbers in parallel with the elastic elements in the suspension to attenuate vibration and improve the ride comfort of the car.../p>

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    How to debug the clutch booster pump

    Debugging method of clutch booster pump: keep the free clearance between master cylinder push rod and piston at about 1mm, and lock the fastening nut. Keep the clearance of power cylinder at 3- Lock the limit screw about 6mm. The free clearance between the push rod of the main pump and the piston.../p>

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    What are the symptoms of a broken clutch booster pump

    If the clutch pump is broken, it will cause the driver to step on the clutch and not open or extremely heavy. Especially when shifting, it will be difficult to shift, the separation is not complete, and there will be oil leakage from the sub cylinder from time to time. Once the clutch slave cylin.../p>